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I got a phone call from NBC News because they were looking for people to interview, at first I was under the impression that the interview would be about social media addiction but it turned into an interview about nomophobia, the fear of being without a mobile phone. I explained to the NBC correspondent that I use my cell phone all the time because I am usually on the road and it is essential for my business. She went on to ask questions such as “do you sleep with your phone?” and “do you take it everywhere you go?”, and me being the truthful individual that I am (which usually gets me into trouble) answered “yes”. It’s true, I do these things. The thing NBC didn’t get is that if my phone didn’t have social media apps I would not be so concerned with it. You see my real addiction is social media. I don’t need my phone, if there is a computer around with internet access, the phone will get no attention from me.


The reporter who turned out to be the anchor man came to my house and was extremely polite, we laughed the entire time and he even told me about his wife and him wanting to have children. The questions he asked seemed innocent enough, they were very similar to the questions asked of me by the person who had called to arrange the interview. He asked me if I considered myself a phone addict and I answered no, I need the phone for work. I also jokingly added that if I have an addiction it is definitely with social media and the phone is just a tool to reach that addiction. The interview went great and I was told that the piece would air in the next week, possibly May 7th.


The next week, May 7th:


I went to the news website and saw a clip and there I was in my acting debut, I call it that because we did a lot of acting the day of the interview. I swear it felt like I was doing a skit for Saturday Night Live, as I was told to pretend to put my phone under my pillow and act like I am talking to my son via the cell phone as he played on his computer. It was exciting and fun, until I saw the news. I had no idea a psychiatrist who was anti phones was going to make me look like a looney.


Where did this psychiatrist come from and since when is my phone the only way I communicate with my child? See for yourself, this is the interview:


NBC Miami Nomophobia Report


I was so upset that day after reading all the comments and how people thought I was sick, and a bad mother. I threw my phone to the side and didn’t even want to look at it for a while. Those people didn’t know me, they saw a news report from a reporter who only met me for about 30 minutes and they went on to judge, I guess judging without knowing is the norm with humans these days. I really thought it was an innocent interview, I had no idea they were going to insert a psychiatrist as part of the report. I felt set up. Later that afternoon to my surprise Telemundo, the Spanish news channel called. They saw me on NBC and where doing a similar cell phone report and wanted to interview me. At this point I was like F the news, yes that F stands for that bad word you are thinking, but I agreed to do the interview because I would be ready this time.

karla campos adicta al celular


Here is the video from Telemundo, in Spanish:

I was happy with this report, it gave a more accurate portrayal of my life even though those who can’t understand Spanish won’t get it. In the Spanish version the psychiatrist talks about how the cell phone is like an extended human organ helping humans do more things with their lives. In the English version the psychiatrist says that the cell phone is disconnecting people, but is it really the cell phone? I guess I will let the two psychiatrists fight that one out, I’m too busy enjoying my social media addiction and sleeping with my phone cause it assists me in getting my social media fix.


What I learned from all this:


The news is based on perspective, it is manipulated to get a point across. Whenever I see a news report from now on, I will always have a doubt in my mind to what is true and what is not. I wish everyone could go through this experience, it’s a real eye opener. In conclusion if you are going to dislike somebody dislike them because you know they are a jerk not because they appear to be a jerk on the news, I am wondering if tan lady really took her daughter into the tanning booth or if the girl was just waiting in the waiting area for her mom to bake up. I guess the world will never know.


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